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Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15Palestinians marking the 64 anniversary of al-Nakba (catastrophe) with protests, while Israeli security reacted with conducted arrests campaigns on May 15

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Today: Nov 17, 2018

Several Israeli violationsto the human rights of Jerusalem peoplethrough the month of September 2011

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A report prepared by: Research and Documentation Unit at the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights

accused the Israeli Authorities to violate the rights of Palestinians living in Jerusalem during last September.

The report monitors major Israeli violations such as: house demolitions, demolition orders, appropriation of Palestinian properties and lands, desecration of Palestinian holy shrines and reduce their religious freedom, and settlement activities. Israeli violations to Palestinian rights came in line with the violations of personal private rights and in reducing their ability of movement, and putting more restrains. And the continuity of the abuse done to the Palestinians in East Jerusalem by both Israeli civilians and policemen.

First appropriating and confiscating lands

According to the report the month of Sep 2011 remarked an Israeli augmentation in the confiscating and the settling activities, where the building comity in the Shouafat colony declared a plan of building 45 new settling units over the settlers lands, while this same comity opposed the plan to build 13 buildings for the Palestinians living in city, and the Bisgat Zeev building comity did the same for the northern part of Beit Hanina.

Even though the Israeli government accepted on the 20th of Sep on the project to enlarge 4 of northern Jerusalem's colonies which are: Ramat Shlomo (245 units) Bisgat Zeev (255 units) Shouafat (200 units) and Gilo (255 units).

While on the 27th of the same month the ministry of interior declared a plan to build 1100 new settling units in Gilo -south of Jerusalem.

Moreover the Israeli army Announced last month an order to seize 34 dunoms and to destroy 20 shops at the main entrance of Shouafat camp -north of Jerusalem- in order to enlarge the military crossing passage they're building at its entrance.

The lands and the shops to be demolished are the property of the brothers Abu Elwaleed Mohammad Dajany and the heirs of Suliman Mohammad Dajany. The report added that these lands and properties were demanded for appropriation and owning to combat what they called "terrorism" and to fail the penetration of "Subversive activity" from the "Judah and Samaria" district to Israel in general and to Jerusalem in particular .

Appropriating these lands and demolishing these shops would allow the construction of the military crossing passage at Shouafat camp's entrance, which isolate more than 50 thousand residents in that area once the separation wall finished.

On the other hand the Supreme Court refused the request Presented by the Husseini family to stop settlement construction in the el Mufty lands in mount Scopus area in town.

The court claimed that its decision guaranties the rights of both the landowners; the heirs of el Mufty and the settlers led by the American Jewish millionaire Irving Moscovitch, who is providing the funds to settle the neighborhood. This report is allowing the immediate construction of 30 new units out of the 250 waiting to be built over the ruins of the el Mufty's land.

Add to that the fire that took off in the tent of el hajja Rifka Elkurd-was set by jews- in Mount Scopus area on the 23rd of September which burnt the tent down to ashes. In her testimony to Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, el hajja Rifka Elkurd mentioned that the aggressors cut the electricity off the tent before committing their crime, and by association they destroyed the production tent.

Second the assaults and the arrests

The report mentioned that the occupation authorities will keep on the arrests and the assaults against Palestinians in Jerusalem specially the children.

On the 26th of Sep Ahmad Atoun one of the Jerusalem deputies was kidnapped by an undercover soldiers unit from the Red Cross unit in mount Scopus and he was charged of entering illegally to Israel".

The authorities arrested on the 6th of Sep -another Jerusalem deputy- in his house in Kufor Akab -north of Jerusalem-. Since he was deported from his house and homeland in Sur Baher at the end of last year to Ramallah, and his identity card was withdrawn from him, for he was transferred to the administrative detention later.

The police arrested Adnan G'ayth secretary of Fattah in Silwan just hours after his return to Jerusalem from Ramallah where he was deported for 8months.

Nasser Kaus director of the prisoners' club; was sentenced to house detention for 5days -on the 23rd of Sep-and was prohibited from going in the Alaqsa Mosque for 2 weeks claiming he's working for the Palestinian authorities. He was stopped at the lions gate on his way to pray in the Alaqsa mosque and was interrogated for 4 hours.

And before that the police had already stopped Hamzeh Jabber (20 years) from Rass Elamud and Ahmad Naeem Taha (17 years) from Elbustan.

Furthermore other boys from old city of Jerusalem to got violently attacked on the 5th of Sep by police forces in civil clothes. Munther Salaimeh (21years) said in his testimony to the Jerusalem Center of Social and Economic Rights, that he was heading to his friend's house -Ayman Alnatsheh- on the 5th of Sep, when he reached the house in bab al silsila, he saw several people hitting his friend, he thought it was just a normal fight so interfered to solve the difference, he was surprised to see cuffs on his hands and to be hit, then taken to the police station in Jaffa gate Jerusalem, where both got assaulted violently till they lost consciousness, and were transferred by ambulance to the hospital Hadassa Ein Karem, where they stayed till dawn. Munther certified that both his friend and he himself were full of bruises and contusions all over their bodies. It all happened because the Intelligence services broke into his friend's house they were looking for his friend's brother majdi (19 years) since he wasn't found they hit his brother Ayman (21 years) before arresting him.

The police had stopped the press photographer Ahmad Jalajel, and Dr.Hikmat Naamneh director of the building the Aqsa association on the Aqsa esplanade and arrested them for hours for interrogation. Jalajel said to the Jerusalem center his charges were "Prejudice to the security of the place" in reference for taking pictures of several Jewish settlers wandering around accompanied by the police, which was taken as prejudice to the settlers security. He added "they told me never to be on the esplanade from this day on, but they didn't hand me any official order."

Since the 1st of Sep the Israeli Authorities forbid the citizen Yasser Hmadan Suliman and handed him a formal letter preventing him the access to the Palestinian territories for the 6 coming months.

The Magistrate Court extended in a seating held on the 26th of Sep the house arrest on both Ali Awni Abou Ghosh (15 years) and Ahmad Muheissen (16 years) from Issawieh till the court meets on the 26th of Dec 2011. 30 days of day arrest where forced by the Israeli military court on Ali's father-one of the Popular Struggle Front leaders-after arresting him on the check point at the entrance of Attara.

On the other hand Ramzi Dimery (28 years) from Beer Ayoub was arrested by the Israeli soldiers on the 30th of Sep. Mohammad Daana (13 years) from Rass Elamud was arrested under the pretext of "throwing stones on the patrolling unit; that he and his father denied.

The father told the Jerusalem Center that the patrolling unit chased Malek from Beer Ayoub to Ein Lawza, they locked him in Yonatan's house and hit him which bruised him, especially in the shoulder region, and instead of sending him over to receive proper help he was transferred to the police station to investigate about his charges "throwing stones against soldiers" when they were done the inspector threatened to deny him being hit.

On the 21st the house of the martyr Samer Sarhan in Albustan neighborhood in Silwan. His wife Hanady Sarhan told the Jerusalem center that a patrolling unit and an intelligence unit Stormed the house at seven o'clock in the morning checked it all, even checked her identity card, interrogated Aya the martyr's daughter(11 years) before announcing they are not to leave the house for 48 hours. Then her brother's house was attacked and his son Saiid Nasser Abou Sand (18 years) arrested, for he already was stopped several times and even had a house detention.

Jewish extremists assaulted over 4young Palestinian boys living in Jerusalem on the 11th of Sep; they were on their way back from work in Deir yassin -west of Jerusalem. The assault took place in Haiim Vital Street in Deir yassin, knowing that all four were cleaning agents for the municipality.

Third houses destroyed

According to the report the house destruction policy is to force more citizens to bring down their houses in their own hands, while more orders of destruction were sentenced for several schools, kindergartens and other houses.

Ahmad Ubeidieh from Im Layson in Jabal El Mukaber was forced on the 11th of Sep by the occupying municipality to demolish his house of 70 square meters for the second time with his own hands under the threat of 20 thousand shequels of penalty. Not forgetting that he already received and paid two penalties one of 12 thousand and another of 3 thousand, the attorney cost was up to 40 thousand shequels, and the architect took 10 thousand while the surveyor took 12 thousand for the license; he fulfilled the rest of building necessities and procedures taking all, ownership, shelters, traffic, and the neighbors signatures but all in vain.

On the 21st of last month the municipality in Jerusalem forced Bassem Issa Rashid Hijazi from the Khaleh in the Abbasieh neighborhood to put down a 10 square meters room added to his house which was of 55 square meters and inhabited by a 5th membered family; he had suffered before of a penalty of 15 thousand shequels to pay, he was ordered to remove the room's roof and a penalty of 7500 shequels,but then the municipality changer its mind and ordered the entire room down.

On the other hand the Israeli Magistrate Court issuedon the 13th of Sep an order to put down part of Layla Ghosheh's house (71 years) in Mount Scopus, and to make her pay a third penalty of 20 thousand shequels this time. While she added this part -of 102 square meters- tothe house to allow her son,wife and two daughters to live and solve their financial problems, the first penalty was of 4800 shequels followed by a 30 thousand one.

The army civil administration handed a demolition order to "altouyour kindergarten" that belongs to the beduin comunity in Waar Elbeik not far from Anata-to the north east of Jerusalem. In this comunity lives more than 90 families and more than 45 kids between 3 and 5 years are attending, it was built in 2009 with only bricks and tin over 120 square meters.

Mohammad Karshan told the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights that on the 12th of July 2011 representatives from the Israelien Civil Administration visited and took picture of the kindergarten, where several houses are built with tin and wood, most of those on the demolition sentence were built only in 2000.

Karshan did mention that the people of the comunity were reunited to build the kindergarten named it "Touyour Aljaneh"(the birds of heaven), consists of two rooms of aproximatly 100 square meters, restrooms,and a play ground. today counts 45 children between 3 and 5 years.

On the 14th of Sep the site was revisited again by two employees of the "Civil Administration" went all over looked everywhere, took pictures, and handed the demolition order, then announced the comunity people do have the choice between either destroy the school by them selves within a week or pay for the Civil Administration's staff to do so.

Forth the digging and desecration of holy shrines

The Israeli authorities kept the digs on through the month of Sep inthe old city region around Silwan and underneath the Aqsa mosque in the same time that desecration reached shrines and places of worship.

It was announced that a new 600meter tunnel will be dug out from Ein Silwan to the limits of the Aqsa mosque. This discovery coincides with what was published by Ilaad settling association about the achievement of 60% of the tunnels,metro,and Silwan cable car project. It targets-as mentioned in the specail eddition of the association- to change the traffic path in Dung gate , its surroundings, and around the old city's southern wall, to connect them all with Silwan.

This eddition talked about another tunnel that would link the Dung gate with the toumb of David on the slope of dung gate which is to facilitate the acces to the wailling wall for the jews, to avoid passing through Jaffa gate and the narrow passage near the Armenian quarter.

More over extremists jews were violating the sanctity of Alaqsa under the protection of the ploice through allowing provocative tours on its esplanade.

That's why on the 12th of Sep the police arrested a Palestinian who confronted a group of settlers that penetrated the Aqsa and was trying to do their rituals in its courtyard.

this violation was repeated on the 19th this time science students in the Aqsa were arrested for Firing slogans against the police for permitting these settlers to go on the esplanade of the holy Dome of the Rock. On the 21st of Sep the police assaulted and arrested several Scince students from Jerusalem and the surroundings, between them Saher Ghazawi from Nazareth-was violantly hit-, Majida Salhab from Beit Hanina,and Harbi Mahajneh from Im Elfahem, who were led to both investigating centers Jaffa gate"kishleh" and Bab il Silsileh in the old city. Earlier the same month Zaky Khader Mahajneh from Im Elfahem was arrested and issued an order to keep him away of the Aqsa mosque for 2weeks, while only few days earlier Mohammad Jamil Abou Faneh from koufor Kare' was arrested for few hours