The Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights warned against plans put forth by West Jerusalem Municipalitys mayor concerning East Jerusalems Old City, its surrounding neighborhoods and Shufat refugee camp; in the event these plans are ratified by the municipalitys counsel.

JCSER stressed in a report, the most critical part of these plans is what concerns the Old City. Where the WJM counsel plans to eliminate population growth inside the Old City. The counsel falsely claims two justifications for this plan, the first is to reduce population density and the second is to increase prosperity in the Old City.

The report stressed that the plans objective is to increase prosperity in the Jewish sector only and to reduce population density of 30,000 Palestinians who currently live inside the Old Citys walls. In return multiplying the population of 3,000 Jewish settlers inside the Old Citys walls.

The report adds that Israeli authorities will ethnically clean Palestinians through terrorizing, seducing and extreme social and economic rights violations. In addition, plan includes denying Palestinians building permits and rigorous monitoring of Palestinian construction inside the Old City walls. Followed by a relocation offer to Palestinians who live inside the walls to outside the walls.

The second critical part of the report points to what concerns to the status of Shufat refugee camp. The proposed plan brings back a plan that was proposed by the former mayor Teddy Kolil in 1983, where he proposed a relocation program from the refugee camp. This relocation plan would achieve two goals. First, it would erase the refugee status of the camps residents and second the geographical location is of utmost importance to WJM, where the camp connects three settlements. Once the camp is emptied the settlements of French Hill, Pisgat Ziev and Neve Yaqov would be connected.

JCSERs director said, the mentioned plan is a part of a larger plan the Israeli authorities are working on. In the long term it would give the Israelis a complete control of the Old City, which would have a Palestinian population ranging from 5,000 to 10,000. He adds, the larger plan is already in progress where the Israeli authorities have started the following actions:

1. Registering Jewish owned properties in the Israeli Tabou.2. Approved the building a settlement housing hundreds of settlers just north of the Old City.3. The building of the Apartheid wall inside Jerusalem City.4. Separating Palestinian neighborhoods from the city of Jerusalem.

Thus, cleansing about 180,000 Palestinians from the City of Jerusalem on one hand and on the other hand adding tens of thousands of Jewish settlers into settlements to be built in Palestinian neighborhoods.

He calls upon the Palestinian Authority to put a long-term strategy to support Palestinian Jerusalemites steadfastness, pointing out that the return of hundreds of Jerusalemite families to live inside Jerusalem is a good indicator. However, this phenomenon needs an ever-increasing support on the ground.