The International Campaign VS Revoking the Residency Right met with the British Consulate


The Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, JCSER, has played a key role in launching the International Campaign against Revoking the Residency Rights of Palestinians form Jerusalem on July 29, 2010.

As part of the Campaign activities, Director of the Center together with other members and representatives of the NGO network: Ms. Rana Nashashibi, Ms. Anica Heinlein, met with the British Consul general, Sir Vincent Fean on Wednesday 10th November 2010.

The delegation handed Sir Fean a letter asking the British Government to do all that is necessary to oblige Israel to stop the revocation of residency rights of Palestinian Jerusalemites (letter attached). Sir Fean reiterated the British Governments condemnation of this illegal policy and promised to do all that is within his diplomatic capacity to put an end to this policy, including that of the three Legislative Council Members and the ex Minister of Jerusalem Affairs.

It is worth noting that the British Consulate in Jerusalem has the responsibility of writing up the section on residency rights revocation in the annual EU report on Jerusalem. Here, the delegation stressed the importance of approving and publicizing the upcoming annual EU report on Jerusalem and urged the UK to push for its adoption as an official EU working document. Sir Fean explained that in previous years, the EU and due to political considerations opted to use the annual report as an internal document.

Members of the delegation also expressed their concern about the British Governments promise to Israel to modify the British legal procedures to prevent the immediate arrest of alleged Israeli war criminals upon their arrival in the UK. Sir Fean explained that the proposed modification is not due to Israels request only, but also to other countries that face similar war crimes allegations such as Sri Lanka, etc.

Finally, the Palestinian delegation explained that international community has for the past forty three years tried to engage Israel diplomatically in order to reach a peaceful resolution that would end Israels occupation and establish two independent states. Since this path has drastically failed perhaps its the time now for the international community including the UK to seriously consider punitive actions against Israel.