JCSER Condemns Closure of Palestinian Institutions in East Jerusalem


JCSER Condemns Closure of Palestinian Institutions in East Jerusalem


Over the past 24 hours, Israeli police have closed down the offices of the Community Development Society, and the Social Research Center, a Palestinian social institution based in the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood of Occupied Jerusalem, citing security reasons, in accordance with two decisions signed by Israeli Internal Minister, Uzi Landau.



The closure of the Community Development Society is for 15 days, renewable for another six months, while the closure of the Social Research Center is for six months. The two institutions were broken into by Israeli police two months ago, and on the second day of Eid Al-Adha, and documents and papers were confiscated.

The Jerusalem Center for Social & Economic Rights (JCSER) has followed-up the Israeli attack on Jerusalemite institutions with concern, given that they coincided with the appointment of a new mayor known for his extremism and obstinacy.



He began his new position by issuing a demolition order for a two-story building in Beit Safafa, south of Occupied Jerusalem. These measures follow others taken against ten Palestinian institutions in mid-2001, including Orient House. The number of institutions, which have been forcibly closed down, has risen to 15.In this context, the Center strongly condemns these racist measures, which aim, first and foremost, to judaize the Holy City, its institutions, and its residents, by undermining the Arab presence in Occupied Jerusalem. The Center wishes to highlight a number of points: