JCSER Demands Immediate Release of Detainee Jum'a Kayyal


The wife of Jum'a Mousa Kayyal, 60, a Palestinian Jerusalemite detainee from Shu'fat refugee camp, called on the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad to exert concerted efforts to release her sick husband, who entered a critical condition due to his prison conditions at Ar-Ramleh Prison's hospital.

Jum'a Kayyal's wife confirmed that the health situation of her husband has deteriorated recently. During her visit, he was brought on a wheel chair and lost weight, given the fact that he suffers from heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes that requires immediate intervention for his release.

JCSER calls on the Israeli occupation authorities to release detainee Juma'a Kayyal immediately, confirming that Israel is fully responsible for any danger that threatens his life, due to his deteriorating health condition and prison conditions.

JCSER calls on the Palestinian leadership to give the issue of sick prisoners, children and female prisoners special attention in any contacts conducted to release prisoners.

JCSER noted that the detainee's condition requires an immediate action to be taken at the highest level, because his life has become in real danger.