The Karaki Family Condemns Israeli Court Decision Acquitting the Murderer of their Son


JCSERs Director General, condemned the Israeli court decision to acquit the murderer of their son, describing it as completely unreasonable and illogical.

The history of the Israeli judicial system has always proved that it serves as a cover for the Israeli practices and the settlers crimes. It justifies these practices and forgives the murderer by not taking any punitive measures against the murderer, JCSERs Directorsaid.

Heconfirmed that hundreds of crimes in which Jewish extremists have been convicted of were completely ignored and no punitive measures taken against perpetrators. On the other hand, the Palestinian is traced by Israeli occupation forces and held in prison for years for throwing stones at a military jeep.

It should be noted that many of the murders committed by Jewish against Palestinians either from Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories or from the Green Line, reduced sentences were issued against perpetrators. Those who have been sentenced to long years in prison are fortunate to have their detention period and punishment reduced. One example was members of the Jewish terrorist organization who have been accused in the early 80s of trying to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This event was preceded by Michael Rohan, who was accused of burning the A-Aqsa Mosque. He was not sentenced and was described as mentally retarded. Every Israeli committed a murder against Palestinians are described as mentally retarded.